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FinchTV is the must have tool for anyone working with DNA sequence data. It is used to read chromatogram files from the most popular formats. Simply drag and drop AB1 or SCF files, even those compressed with gzip, into the viewing window to display a multi-color sequence. FinchTV also displays quality values, when available, and can adjust the scale in both vertical and horizontal directions in both single and multipane views.

With FinchTV, you can print your data, edit your data, export FASTA sequences to your favorite programs, and see all the details stored in your sequence files.

Advance your Research Now by using Geospiza Finch Suite with FinchTV as a Client:

Hot Features


Reverse Complement

View the reverse complement of your trace and sequence. Quickly convert between views using the reverse complement button in the toolbar.

View Raw Data

FinchTV is the only free trace viewer that lets you get to the true source of your data. With AB1 files, you can view the raw data and use this data to troubleshoot your sequencing instruments.

Edit Sequences

Need to change a few bases? Replace a region with N's, or X's? No problem! FinchTV's editing features provide lots of power and include unlimited undo and redo functions between saves.

Search Using Regular Expressions

FinchTV's search engine is the most advanced of any trace viewer today. It accepts regular expressions, allowing flexible searching for sequence patterns. Also, highlighted regions of data can be copied and pasted into your favorite applications and database search tools. For example, try this regular expression to find an open reading frame:


Launch BLAST Searches

After you find that perfect open reading frame, you might want to know if it matches anything in the NCBI database. Use FinchTV to easily launch a BLAST search. All of the nucleotide based programs, BLASTN, BLASTX, TBLASTX and megaBLAST are supported.

And that's not all! To learn more about FinchTV's great features check out the on line user manual.

Save Edits Back into Finch Suite

FinchTV as a Client enables Finch Suite users to easily view and edit sequencing data in a graphical user interface while at the same time allowing the user to save this edited data back into Finch Suite. FinchTV as a Client features.     

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